Simplified Solar Power
Providing Easy Solutions

Simplified Solar Power sounds like a wonderful thing...

But you may wonder

"Is it Possible?"

I've been interested in it for years, I mean, who wouldn't be?...

No one wants to be dependent on foreign oil, or damage the environment by using it.

Everyone loves sunlight.

Wouldn't it be great to get your energy from it, and avoid high prices and environmental damage!

Yet, I've always heard it wasn't really practical, and it has always sounded very complicated to me...

I suspected I could never really master its basics, let alone figure out how to use it economically.

So that is why this website was born. This is the place to demystify the topic.

This site will provide

what you need to know about...

  • its history and technology
  • why and how it works
  • its advantages and disadvantages
  • its best home uses, and commercial uses
  • how you can, and possibly already do, use solar power... even if your climate makes a whole house solar array impractical
  • how to find practical information about DIY projects
  • the best information resources
  • its costs and how best to minimize them
  • cutting edge research and current developments
  • important considerations when deciding whether to do a project yourself, or choose an experienced contractor
  • and how to find the best companies to help you.

So you can:

  • master its secrets
  • use its advantages, while avoiding its disadvantages
  • install its best applications
  • interact with others who share your interest in this topic
  • find the answers to questions you've wondered about
  • and finally, relax for years while soaking up the sun's clean, yet economical power.

Jump Right In

Everyone uses solar power, even if only to make the vitamin D your body needs to be healthy.

But the more you know about the topic, the better prepared you'll be to take full advantage of this incredibly powerful, yet free, source of renewable energy.

Although the power is free, the technology needed to use it rarely is, so that is where this site can be very helpful.

As you learn more, you'll be able to determine how you can best appropriate it in your home and business.

Perhaps it will only be in gardening,

but perhaps you'll find you can replace the majority of your utility bills by harnessing this age old source of renewable energy.

Let's get going!